“SNAFU spares us the whimpering “why me”s that plague so many web series. Flo is bad, she’s mean, and she spares no venom. This attitude turns SNAFU into a fun watch.”


"The fruits of their labour mean that we can all take some downtime, and laugh at our own lives as SNAFU.”

-The Huffington Post

"Despite any challenges they have faced, the positivity and enthusiasm shown by Chloe and Haley is nothing short of inspiring.”

-EILE Magazine

"Is Flo mean? Is she selfish? Does she constantly make messes? Absolutely, but her unapologetic and brazen attitude makes SNAFU a blast to watch.”


“Watching Season 1 of SNAFU, you can’t help but want more—especially once you start thinking about the infinite things the admirable and eccentric Florence can try.  ”

-Backstage Magazine